Kyoto Ukulele Club and Singing Around the Table Oct, Nov.

次回は10月25日 土, 11月29日 土

The next dates are (6pm-10pm at Gnome as usual) 
Sat. Oct 25 and Sat. Nov 29 

Dec 27 is a possible, watch this space.
Jack'o'Lantern uke by Singer


Our Ukulele Club Summer dates

David Bowie in ‘The Same Old Kyoto’ by Masayoshi Sukita, 1980
予定変更の場合は、 連絡しますとFBでお知らせしますので、直前に確認してからお越し下さい。

Hi all! Just a quick note of the next few Ukulele Club dates (all Saturdays, all 6pm-10pm at Gnome as usual): August 2, August 23, September 27, October 25.
*The schedule may be subject to change. If it changes we will email you. Or please stay tuned on our Facebook page.


Kyoto Singing Around the Table & New Ukulele Club Sat. June 28th

A jolly reminder to all our members, would-be members and passers by to come do that fabulous ukulele thing at Gnome on Saturday from 6-10pm! Drop in! Tune up! Sing out! 

The next Kyoto Singing Around the Table and New Ukulele Club will be on Saturday June 28th 6-10pm at GnomeAll welcome! We're a friendly, international bunch, glad to welcome visitors and anyone who has never played before. We can lend you a ukulele, so just drop in! Other instruments welcome too! (Last time we had a harmonica, wood bass, piano accordion, recorder and guitars.)   次の歌声・ウクレレクラブの日程は6月28日(土)6時−10時になります。無料です!よろしくお願いします 地図