Next Kyoto Uke Club/Singing Around the Table: Saturdays October 1st, 29th

Thank you very much to everyone who came to club last time (August 27th), and to our hosts at Gnome! It was great. Enjoy the arrival of autumn! Next dates: Saturday October 1st, and Saturday October 29th.
by MoinMonica


Next Kyoto Uke Club/Singing Around the Table: Saturday August 27th

次回は8月27日(土)で す!!!!!
Thank you again to everyone who came along last time (July 23rd). A great evening! 
Ukesicle by Buz Carter
The next one will be Saturday August 27th - THIS COMING SATURDAY - at Gnome 6-10pm (6-7 warm-up, hang out; playing from 7pm). All welcome!
John would like to introduce two songs: “Love Me Do” (p.154) and “Ob-La-Di” (pp.174-175).  
If you have the “Daily Ukulele” book, please have a look at those songs in it. 
[My copy is at the office, but I will get the music to you later.] 
If you would like to introduce another song(s) please bring 15-20 copies.
Hope to see you there!
Felicity, Mark, Hiroko and all at Kyoto Singing Around the Table & Ukulele Club, and Kansai Shanty Crew. 

That was...Hot off the press! (Ha ha - 37 degrees in Kyoto today!) I hope these pictures make you feel cooler...

Ice Cream Ukulele from Ukulele Workshop 


Next Uke Club: Saturday August 27th

Next Uke Club: Saturday August 27th