Singing Around the Table X

The next Singing Around the Table is ....this Sunday (28th March)
7.30-10.30pm. Free.
Venue: Irish Pub GNOME , Nijo Kawaramachi sagaru. 075-212-2101‎ MAP
Informal Sing-song. Well known English, Irish, Scottish and American songs (with song sheets). Accompanied by Felicity Greenland on guitar, Yuko Shirasaka on melodeon and Tatsuya Shirasaka on double bass. (Tomoko Saito is away this month).

テーブルで歌おう (英語歌声喫茶)
3月 28日(日)7.30-10.00. 無料
アイリッシュパブ ノーム 、二条河原町下がる, 075-212-2101‎ MAP
アイルランド・スコットランドやイギリス地方の美しい伝統歌をみんなで歌いま。音楽 Felicity Greenland&白坂さん.

(S.A.T.T. was also held in January and February)