Singing Around the Table June 29 歌声6月29日

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Next Singing around the Table is Saturday on the 29th of June. New Ukulele Club 6-8pm. Singing 8 -10pm.  At Gnome.
次回の歌声喫茶は、6月29日(土)ウクレレクラブ18−20時。歌声20−22時からです。 場所:ノーム

It's a rosebud in June, and the violets in full bloom
The small birds are singing love songs from each spray.

We'll pipe and we'll sing, Love,
We'll dance in a ring, Love.
When each lad takes his lass,
All on the green grass,
And it's all to plow
Where the fat oxen graze low;

And the lads and the lasses do sheepshearing go.

Celtrip Radio No. 72 Welsh Music & Song

Fumio Yoshida
This month's Celtrip Radio online Japanese programme (No 72.) looks at Welsh music and songs. Presented by Fumio Yoshida at Glen Music, Produced by Fumi and Masahiro Mizutani at Beatshop

[CELTRIP RADIO] CELTSITTOLKEがお届けするネットラジオ. 第72回目 配信を開始しました!「ウェールズ特集」。ウェールズ語の歌もあります。いつでも聴けるオンデマンド放送