Sukiyaki Song 上を向いて歩こう

Ue o Muite Arukou (1961 Japan) aka "The Sukiyaki Song" (1963 US, UK) by Kyu Sakamoto (坂本 九) (1941-85) is possibly the best known Japanese 'pop' song in the UK or US. There are lots of versions on the web; here are a few basic links...
Sukiyaki Song info on Wikipedia
Sung by Kyu Sakamoto on YouTube
English translation of the Japanese lyrics.
English version sung by A Taste of Honey & their lyrics
Kenny Ball version with his Jazz Men
Guitar Chords on Chordie

More comments on the song, this time from Deep Kyoto : Most people are familiar with the "Sukiyaki Song" - I was surprised though when I first learned it had nothing to do with sukiyaki! It's proper title is "ue wo muite arukou" or "I look up as I walk" but British jazz player Kenny Hall figured "Sukiyaki" was an easier name to remember. Actually it's a sad song of lost love and loneliness... Just recently my girlfriend told me how the singer, Sakamoto Kyu, died in an air crash in 1985. It's a pretty moving story. Between the first sign of mechanical failure and the final crash, 32 minutes passed. Knowing it was the end, Sakamoto had enough time to write a farewell note to his wife - though the vibrations of the plane made his writing shaky. Of 524 people only four survived but the final messages of Sakamoto Kyu and other passengers were also recovered. I don't think I can ever listen to this song now without feeling a wee bit teary...


Gig at Field - Review

Leslie Denniston & Felicity Greenland at Irish Pub Field Kyoto 2008年4月24日木曜日、by うみさん
Felicity greenland/Vocal、Guitar、Bodhran
Leslie Denniston/Vocal、Bodhran

Paddy & Bridget

Paddy & Bridget: Two Japanese players, Isao and Masako Moriyasu, known as Paddy and Bridget, are well known at Willie Clancy week in Miltown Malbay and wrote a super book in Japanese (lots of photos and some English titles so you can see how thorough it is) about their experiences of 'people, drink, and music' in Ireland ISBN 448793149 published by Tokyo-Shoseki. They also have two CDs Paddy and Bridget and Their Great Friends.
Paddy & Bridget will give a lecture at Women's College of Liberal Arts 4th June 2008

Paddy & Bridget Lecture/Concert

Mr & Mrs Moriyasu (aka Paddy & Bridget) are to give a lecture on their Irish music experiences and a performance (they play flute and concertina respectively) with Irish harp/concertina player Grainne Hambly:

Wednesday, 4th of June 2008. 15:30 to 17:30
Shoukei-kan Hall, Music Department Building, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts, Kyotanabe Campus.

The event is open to the public.
More details when I have them or pls watch out for it on the Doshisha website.
Paddy & Bridget are mentioned in this blog here.