After the Earthquake

I remembered a magazine article (Kyoto Journal #63, J. Irish - book extract ) which said that in old Japan people walking alone in the country roads would sing to let other people know they are there. Since singing is also supposed to raise your spirits by stimulating endorphins (happiness!) and oxytocin (bonding!) in the brain, this may be the very time to sing, even if you do have to force yourself. With these things in mind, we decided to still hold our monthly song session on Sunday and I'm glad we did. Thanks to all those who came.

My friend Paul Williams posted a link to John Hall's song 'Power', on his Facebook page, so I'll pass it on to you in case you like it. Hall wrote it in response to Three Mile Island.

These pictures show: Paul (who plays music in Tokyo), and a Japanese man in Ibaraki receiving a care letter along with new socks from the Socks for Japan tsunami relief project. I hope they won't mind that I have borrowed from their websites these smiley faces.

History of 'Singing Around the Table' at Gnome

English follows Japanese.

'Singing Around the Table' は何人かの人の熱意が巡り合わせよく融合することでスタートしました。
そして、ミュージシャンである白坂有子さん(button box)・達也さん(wood bass)ご夫妻は、伝統音楽と伝統音楽を演奏する人たちをサポートするという特別な目的で、アイリッシュ・パブ「ノーム」を経営しておられたこともあります。

ともこさんと私は、集まって数回演奏をしたのち、歌集に入れるための最初の12曲を決めました。2009531日、第一回「Singing Around the Table」を開催しました。それ以来、8月以外の毎月(たいていが最終日曜日)「Singing Around the Table」をしています。参加人数は、50人から1人(最多参加はひろこさん)と、さまざまです。雨の日など少人数のときには、バンドメンバーだけでなく、参加者の紹介もします。(^^;) 日本人や英語圏からの人のほかに、ドイツ人・ロシア人・韓国人・フランス人などの人々に参加していただきました。リピーターのお客さんも徐々に増えてきています。

版を重ねるごとに、曲を取捨選択してきました。これを続けてゆけば、いつか、人気のある曲のちょっとした歌集が出来ることと思います。でも、まずその前に、英語・日本語圏以外の国の歌も加えたいと思うようになった今日この頃です。Felicity Greenland フェリシティ・グリーンランド 河野洋子 201012

'Singing Around the Table' grew out of the happy coalescence of several people's passions: between fiddle playing at sessions, Tomoko Saito was singing a few Irish songs in English; musicians Yuko (button box) and Tatsuya (wood bass) Shirasaka were running Irish Pub Gnome with the specific aim of supporting traditional music and musicians; several Japanese friends and students had shown interest in singing in English as a way of combining learning English and socialising; I missed the chorus singing I had enjoyed in London and had also begun researching social singing in Japan and compiling a core repertoire of the English, Irish, Scottish and American songs/melodies well known in Japan (mostly with Japanese lyrics). One night at Gnome, Yuko and I got to talking about the Utagoe Kissa coffee shop folksong clubs that proliferated in 1960s Japan. We wondered if we couldn't follow that model to start something similar at Gnome on a quiet night. We agreed that it should be about participation rather than entertainment, and that it should be free. That suited Gnome because we would hopefully bring in customers for food and drinks, but if it wasn't too busy the staff would be able to play their instruments with us.
Tomoko and I got together for a couple of practices to decide on an initial 12-song list to make song-sheets for. We held the first 'Singing Around the Table' on 31st May 2009 (review). Since then it has been held monthly, usually on the last Sunday, except for a break each August. The numbers have varied between 50 and one (Hiroko holds the attendance record) - in the rainy season we can sometimes introduce the audience as well as the band (!). As well as Japanese and native English speakers we have had Germans, Russians, Koreans and French in our company. The number of regulars is slowly increasing.
We use photocopied, illustrated sheets and a request system. Our repertoire is now in its fourth generation, with just over 30 songs, most in English, some bi-lingual (e.g. My Grandfather's Clock, Annie Laurie, The Last Rose of Summer - all these have both Japanese and English versions), and some traditional Japanese songs. Each generation we add some and take some away. Eventually we hope we can make a proper booklet of the most popular repertoire, but first, we recently decided, we are going to add some songs from other countries too.
Felicity Greenland, 2 Dec. 2010

2009 年 5月31日 (日) I - May 31 Singing Around the Table I
2009年 6月21日 (日) II - Jun 21 Songs 歌プレビュー.
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2009年 9月27日 (日) IV - September 27
2009年 11月1日 (日) V - November 1
2009年 11月29日 (日) VI - November 29
2009年 12月20日 (日) VII - Dec 20
2009年 1月31日 (日) VIII - Jan 31
2009年 2月28日 (日) IX - Feb 28
2009年 3月28日 (日) X - March 28
2010年 4月29日 (木) XI - Apr 29
2010年 5月23日 (日) XII - May 23
2010年 6月27日 (日) XIII - June 27
2010年 8月1日 (日) XIV - August 1

2010年 12月24日 (日) XV - D
ec 24 - Carol Singing in front of Kyoto City Hall

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