Our first 'Singing Around the Table'

"Thank you very much last night. I was so glad to held such a wark shop! It is our dream that the foreigner and the Japanese enjoy music and participation together at our pub. We want to hold the workshop continuously" Yuko-san (Mrs Gnome)
The first 'Singing Around the Table' event was kind of a dream come true for me and, as it turns out, for the hosts at Irish Pub Gnome - to have Japanese and foreigners all singing together. So many guests said they really enjoyed it too, that we are planning to do it again in about a month's time and so on monthly.
On our first night, 31st May 2009, 25-30 people gathered at Gnome, about two-thirds Japanese and the rest not (ex-pats from US, Tasmania, China, UK, Canada...). We drank beer, ate fish'n'chips, pie, sausages or kippers(!), and worked our way through 12 songs in a booklet I had made in the style of the old black letter/broadside ballads (the layout is tall and thin with a picture or photo at the top). I suddenly became a bit nervous that it was not enough songs, but, what with a little explanation and a short break, those 12 songs took nearly three hours, so we were singing from 7.30 until about 10.30pm, which was late enough being a Sunday. By the end I had a strong feeling that everyone was buzzing and wanted to come back for more.
It's hard to explain without sounding crass, but really, it's a very special and bonding thing to sing together - everyone has had hard times with themselves and eachother, but when you sing together all troubles melt away. Plus, there were a few people who came who are really studying hard at English, or guitar, fiddle or bodhran playing, and want to have a chance to make their studies real. This kind of event really works for them - some of them might play with us in the future and so their efforts have now become very real for them.
Let's do more - please come and tell your mates about it even if you can't come yourself. Kyoto is the origin and hub of Irish music in Japan - with your energetic contribution it could also become the origin and hub of the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh singalong too!
We are very open to suggestions and contributions - the more the merrier - so just get in touch or turn up with your ideas! It's our dream to make it happen! Ganbarrou!
and we received a few nice e-mails...
Just want to say thanks so much for the other night--what fun it was! I love your singing, and the mood was so relaxed and so intimate---really a good evening! THANKS! KK
I had great time last night.thank you! 楽しかったです。今は、勉強が忙しいけど、また時間があったら、あのパブにも行きます。MM
We both had a great time...thanks for a great evening! I think my favorite song was Dirty Old Man - er I mean Town.... (!) and Danny Boy never fails to send a sentimental glimmer to my eye. It was really nice that everyone sang along eh? LL
Thank you for your Happy songs. I was very fun ! and Thank you for `The Rattlin' Bog`この歌を歌うFelicityは,いつもすごくかっこいいです。結婚出来ない女の人の歌も、またいつか 歌ってて下さい。Next time I want to come with my boss, he also loves music, and plays guitar. I study English more more more. NS

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