New Ukulele Club & Singing Around the Table ..... July 27 歌声7月27日

次回の歌声喫茶は、7月27日(土)20時-22時。ウクレレクラブは18時ー20時。楽しみです! 地図
NexSinging Around the Table is Saturday on the 27th of July 8-10pm at Gnome. New Ukulele Club from 6-8pm. We hope to see you there!!!


Samurai Celt Mine: Shinpukan Kyoto 21 July 2013

The wonderful Samurai Celt Mine will celebrate their 10th Anniversary and 3rd album launch by playing a number of gigs incl. Shinpukan with guest friends Genta, Erica and Felicity on 21st July 2013