Christmas Carol Singing, New Ukulele Club & Singing Around the Table .....Dec 22 歌声12月22日

2013年12月22日 (日)今年もクリスマスキャロルを歌いましょう。
集合時刻:18:00から 18.30まで 
半時間くらい歌ったあとに、すぐ近くにある、アイリッシュ・パブ・ノーム[Gnomeへ行き、ウクレレクラブと歌声10時まで)と食べたり、飲んだりしましょう。誰でも、ご参加下さい。友達の人も誘ってください。 このリンク2011の和英ジングルベルです今年もよろしくお願いいたします。

Date: Sunday 22nd December 2013 
Place: Outside Kyoto City Hall (NW corner of Oike Kawaramachi) 
Time: 6.00pm and sing until 6.30pm (just 30 mins)
Followed by: December's meeting of New Ukulele Club and Singing Around the Table at Gnome (until 10pm)
English/Japanese song sheets provided. It's very cold so wrap up warm (hat, gloves, muffler, antlers etc) !!!  We will retire to nearby Irish Pub Gnome  afterwards for food, drinks, and the December meeting of New Ukulele Club and Singing Around the TableHere we are singing Jingle Bells in English and Japanese in 2011


New Ukulele Club & Singing Around the Table …..Nov 30 歌声11月30日

The next New Ukulele Club (6-8pm) and Singing Around the Table (8-10pm) is on 30/11 at Gnome (Just South of Kawaramachi Nijo, Kyoto). We will practice some Christmas stuff and also any songs that you and others may bring. We have some ukuleles to lend, so why not come and try it out. Or, you can bring any instrument (harmonica, flute, guitar, fiddle etc) to either of the sessions. See you there! 楽しみ!

PS This beetle may come too, and he might well bring his friends. 


New Ukulele Club & Singing Around the Table .....Oct 26 歌声10月26日

Come and meet a little treasure!

Hello everyone! Please come to New Ukulele Club and Singing Around the Table 26/10 from 5pm (NB earlier than usual) as part of Gnome 6th anniversary week We have to practice some Christmas stuff and also a few songs that new peeps are bringing. We have some ukuleles to lend, so why not come and try it out. Or, you can bring any instrument (harmonica, flute, guitar, fiddle etc) to either of the sessions. See you there! 楽しみ!


New Ukulele Club & Singing Around the Table ..... Sep 28 歌声9月28日

Image and work: Rob Grose (by permission) with thanks

次回の歌声喫茶は、9月28日(土)20時-22時。ウクレレクラブは18時ー20時。楽しみです! 地図

Make music! 
NexSinging Around the Table is Saturday on the 28th of September 8-10pm at Gnome. New Ukulele Club from 6-8pm. See you there!!!


New Ukulele Club & Singing Around the Table ..... Aug 31 歌声8月31日

Summer Special on August 31st at Gnome :

New Ukulele Club with Mark Willis 6-8pm 
Singing Around the Table with Adam Bretherick 8-10pm 

It will be very exciting to have some new songs and new faces. 
Please join us, and bring your friends!

Enjoy summer and stay cool! 


New Ukulele Club & Singing Around the Table ..... July 27 歌声7月27日

次回の歌声喫茶は、7月27日(土)20時-22時。ウクレレクラブは18時ー20時。楽しみです! 地図
NexSinging Around the Table is Saturday on the 27th of July 8-10pm at Gnome. New Ukulele Club from 6-8pm. We hope to see you there!!!


Samurai Celt Mine: Shinpukan Kyoto 21 July 2013

The wonderful Samurai Celt Mine will celebrate their 10th Anniversary and 3rd album launch by playing a number of gigs incl. Shinpukan with guest friends Genta, Erica and Felicity on 21st July 2013


Singing Around the Table June 29 歌声6月29日

Image courtesy: Cabbage White Flowers bespoke floral design for all occasions
Next Singing around the Table is Saturday on the 29th of June. New Ukulele Club 6-8pm. Singing 8 -10pm.  At Gnome.
次回の歌声喫茶は、6月29日(土)ウクレレクラブ18−20時。歌声20−22時からです。 場所:ノーム

It's a rosebud in June, and the violets in full bloom
The small birds are singing love songs from each spray.

We'll pipe and we'll sing, Love,
We'll dance in a ring, Love.
When each lad takes his lass,
All on the green grass,
And it's all to plow
Where the fat oxen graze low;

And the lads and the lasses do sheepshearing go.

Celtrip Radio No. 72 Welsh Music & Song

Fumio Yoshida
This month's Celtrip Radio online Japanese programme (No 72.) looks at Welsh music and songs. Presented by Fumio Yoshida at Glen Music, Produced by Fumi and Masahiro Mizutani at Beatshop

[CELTRIP RADIO] CELTSITTOLKEがお届けするネットラジオ. 第72回目 配信を開始しました!「ウェールズ特集」。ウェールズ語の歌もあります。いつでも聴けるオンデマンド放送 


Kansai-breizh Celtic Music Festival

We are looking forward to playing at this on Saturday - tickets still available from the website http://www.celticmusicfestival.net/ Come on down!



English follows Japanese

So sorry, Singing around the Table June 1st Saturday is cancelled. Instead of that there is a nice live on at Gnome on that day from 8pm if you want to hear music anyway. Next Singing Around the Table/New Ukulele Club will be June 29th. Keep practising!


CELTRIP RADIO Internet radio program. "Waulking Songs"

【CELTRIP RADIO】CELTSITTOLKEがお届けするネットラジオ、第69回目!配信を開始しました。「丘で働く女の唄~Waulking Songs~」。女の唄です!!いつでも聴けるオンデマンド放送!
Out today: 69th CELTSITTOLKE Internet radio program. "Waulking Songs-women working in the hills". This prog here 


New Ukulele Club ウクレレクラブ

We decided to start a Ukulele Club at Gnome. Beginners welcome. We are going to play from 6pm - 8pm before Singing Around the Table. We have some ukuleles to lend.


Forthcoming dates for Singing Around the Table 8-10pm and Ukulele Club 6-8pm


April 27th Saturday 4月27日 土  
Theme: May songs (Hal-an-Tow and Padstow May Day Song) and Japanese songs for Children's Day. 

June 1st Saturday 6月1日 土
June 29th Saturday 6月29日 土
July 27th Saturday 7月27日 土

Please check here nearer the time to confirm there have been no changes. 

Picture credit: Xylocopia 


Singing Around the Table 歌声 Spring/Summer 2013

The next Singing Around the Table will be March 30 Saturday! at Gnome 8-10pm
次は3月30日 土 になります!

Here are the current dates for forthcoming Singing Around the Tables. 
Please check here nearer the time to confirm there have been no changes.

April 27th Saturday 2013年4月27日 土
June 1st Saturday 2013年6月1日 土  Cancelled, sorry
June 29th Saturday 2013年6月29日 土
July 27th Saturday 2013年7月27日 土
August - holiday. Back in September!


'The Kansai Craic Scene' by JJ O'Donoghue

Kansai Irish dancer JJ O'Donoghue has written a snapshot of Irish music in Kansai area for Kansai Scene magazine, March 2013 issue. Full article 'The Kansai Craic Scene' here.


Singing Around the Table Mar 2 歌声 3月2日 

NEXT: MARCH 2 (Sat). The next Singing Around the Table will be at Gnome (S of Nijo-Kawaramachi, Kyoto) on Saturday, March 2nd, at the usual time 8-10pm

By the way, from 6pm some people will be practicing mouth music (fun, rhythmic songs in short, repetitive phrases). If you would like to try that too please come a bit early - anytime after 6pm. 

There is no charge to join the singing, but please buy from the bar and menu.

次回の歌声喫茶のご案内です。32日(土)の20-22時です。 場所:ノーム
Image www.kingstonu3a.org.uk 


St Patrick's Day 2013 Kyoto

Following is English translation of Japanese info here
English info here

Sunday March 17th 2013 11:30~20:00
Place: Shinpukan (Shopping Complex South of Oike Karasuma), Kyoto

Irish Music Live Concert with (in order of appearance):-
  Tamiotonokai(Kyoto Bunkyo University Folk/Trad Music Club) )
  One More Pint!(Kyoto University Irish Music Club) 京都大学を中心とした)
  Neko Modal
  Samurai Celt MINE

・Real Irish food and black beer from Irish Pub(s)
Caferret’s(coffee, milk tea, juice, cookies, cheesecake etc)
・Ireland House Hiro(Irish General Merchandise、Clothing、Food)
GLEN MUSIC (Irish Music CDs、Sheet Music、Musical Instruments)

Unique artists' products/crafts etc:-
Arisu(Miniature Clay Goods)
Prefere (Natural Products、Plants)
Do Bu chan (Hand made Teddy bears、Hand made Wooden products etc
Bear Wan Ko Store  (ベアワンコストア)(European Furniture,  Jewelry Box、Stoles、Ponchos、Accessories)
Kaori Studio&Aromatherapy House Ko-tan-an(Handmade Aroma Pendant、Strap、Soap etc

♪♪Join in!!♪♪(just turn up OK)
・Play Irish Music!Tin Whistle Workshop: teacher - Tesshin Kaneko
・Dance to Irish Music !Group Dance

Twitter: @senpato_kyoto
We are always looking for new volunteers!



Singing Around the Table Feb 2 歌声 2月2日

Our first 'Singing Around the Table' in 2013 will be on Feb 2nd. We'll focus on Scottish songs, since Burns Night is January 25th. Usual time and place - Gnome 8pm-10pm. FREE all welcome.

次の歌声は2月2日になります。その日、ちょっと遅れても、Burns Nightのお祝いにに色々なスコットランドの唄を歌います。

See more at our Facebook page or on Gnome website 

◆ Normally we would have met on the last Saturday of the January, but on that day there is a gig by one of our member's band 'SOS' - so we are going to watch that instead (January 26th, 8pm at Gnome) and sing the following week.

1月26日(土)20:00-  SOS復活ライブ第二弾!! 京都Irish Pub Gnome・Rock Nightにて、今年発のGiGをやります。チャージ無料(投銭制)