After the Earthquake

I remembered a magazine article (Kyoto Journal #63, J. Irish - book extract ) which said that in old Japan people walking alone in the country roads would sing to let other people know they are there. Since singing is also supposed to raise your spirits by stimulating endorphins (happiness!) and oxytocin (bonding!) in the brain, this may be the very time to sing, even if you do have to force yourself. With these things in mind, we decided to still hold our monthly song session on Sunday and I'm glad we did. Thanks to all those who came.

My friend Paul Williams posted a link to John Hall's song 'Power', on his Facebook page, so I'll pass it on to you in case you like it. Hall wrote it in response to Three Mile Island.

These pictures show: Paul (who plays music in Tokyo), and a Japanese man in Ibaraki receiving a care letter along with new socks from the Socks for Japan tsunami relief project. I hope they won't mind that I have borrowed from their websites these smiley faces.

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