Tail of Cat, Hand of Frog...猫のしっぽカエルの手

Recently I spent some time with some great guys from a TV production Co. to make part of Venetia Kajiyama's NHK TV programme 'Tail of Cat, Hand of Frog...' The theme this time is singing and music in everyday life. It had been vaguely planned for a while and, as the recent disaster left everyone (including us) depressed and in shock, we thought we'd better get on with it as soon as possible. We visited a monk in Ohara, an Irish session at Field, and went hiking in the hills. I also did a mega spring clean  in my house before the filming, and even a bit of dusting on camera, so I'm glad that has been done and recorded for posterity even though I have no idea how the programme will turn out. ...fingers crossed. The programme will initially be screened 3 times.
Vol.58 : 歌がつなぐ幸せ5月6日(金) BSプレミアム 午後7時30分から8時5月10日(火) BSプレミアム 午前8時から8時30分5月12日(木) BSプレミアム 午後3時から3時30分Programme 58: Singing in everyday lifeFriday May 6th 2011 BSPremium Hi-vision 7.30pm-8.00pmTuesday May 10th 2011 BSPremium Hi-vision 8am-8.30amThursday May 12th 2011 BSPremium Hi-vision 3pm-3.30pm

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