Sessions 'Abroad' - Bali

I asked an English friend in Bali about sessions there, and here's his reply. It was interesting for me to hear his news as, yes, here in Japan too, some of the stuff that goes down best would be considered hackneyed back home. This is what he said..
My brother has a pub here in Bali and every Tuesday we play British folk music. There were 4 of us playing but it has now dwindled to 2 as people have left the Island. Just when it got difficult we were approached by an Indonesian Band who play Irish music, they are very good considering. We booked them and they play Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, on Tuesdays they back us.
My brother plays melodeon I play guitar and sing. I have been digging out all the stuff I have been playing since the 60's, It has really made me work and while back in the UK much of what we play would be considered hackneyed it still goes down very well here. The pub is usually packed on a Tuesday.
Friends passing through from Australia often come and visit and play with us and we have the odd Irishman who knows a song or two.
Traditional music, in fact all folk arts, are very strong here in Bali. It is a fascinating to understand that because the Balinese
have a complete all-embracing traditional culture which is closely tied to their religion, their music, dance and traditional drama is alive and well and everyone takes part on a daily basis.

What's that pub, well it's the Cat and Fiddle http://catfiddle.com/
(To be continued)

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