Kyoto Carols - How was it?

Festive Thanks to all those who came carol singing on 24th. We had some passers by join in too which was exactly what I was hoping for. Hiroko has written about it below, and Ben, who was traveling from Australia, kindly sent us these photos and this video of us singing Jingle Bells in English and Japanese.

Here's what Hiroko says:
On the 24th of December, I arrived at the spot 18:55ish, when I found that about 30 people singing 'gloria', and thought the caroling had been already started, but it turned out that there was another group, from Sendai, of Christian volunteer singers who were singing there from 17:30pm. Among them there were Felicity, David, and other people around Kyoto. During our caroling we also saw a flock of Santa Claus's riding on motorcycles; 'Twas a fantastic night singing.
Eventually we sang almost 2 hours; after the previous group left, we were around ten people, much less than the last year, though some came later, and many others passed by, stopped, and got involved!
After the caroling, some of us went to the Irish Pub Gnome, where we shared drinks and food listening to the live music. Felicity said she prepared 50 sheets of songs books and she kept 23 when we finished; taking account of the number of the participants who returned the songbook to her, we hoped to have had almost 40 singers or more!
Thank all who came and join us! Thank all who came and watch us singing! To people who came and who couldn't come, let's make that happen again on the next Christmas Eve!
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
PS:our next Singing Around the Table is planned to be on the 28th of January; three days after Robert Burns' Birthday. Hope to sing some songs with his words.(KH)

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