Charity Flea Market for Tohoku 10月21日 ねこのてフリーマーケット

'Neko-no-te' flea market in Kyoto to raise money for Tohoku relief, with performances/talks including:
* Eric Johnston (Japan Times) to talk about the book 'Fresh Currents' and shifting from a nuclear past to a renewable future
* Folk, traditional and popular song artist Felicity Greenland
* 3 unlikely characters- Honami, Jen and Tokuda- one guitar, two vocalists
LOOKING FOR MORE! If you'd like to collaborate in some way, do contact us! 
Contact: ねこのて neconotekansai@gmail.com / Jennifer Teeter- 日本語/English / Tokuda Hiroyuki- 日本語 /  http://neco-no-te.blogspot.jp/ 

Further details: 日本語/英語:  http://neco-no-te.blogspot.jp/ 
Sunday, October 21 10am-4pm at Higashiyama Ikiki Shinimkatsudo Center 〒605-0018 Location: 5 minute walk from Sanjo Keihan Station.
10月21日 10時ー4時 京都市東山区花見小路通古門前上る巽町450番地 三条京阪から5分

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