Easter: Shanty/Singing/Ukulele Club March 28th

3月28日(土)のスケジュール@ Gnome
5:00−6:00時 シーシャンティーワークショップ(関西シャンティクルー)
6:00−7:00時 休憩:イースターエッグ色付け、その他の準備 など
7:00−8:15時 歌声:テーマ:春の花(いろいろな楽器で参加ください。)
8:15−8:45時 休憩:イースターエッグラッフル(費用100円)
8:45−10:00時 ウクレレクラブ

Saturday March 28th Kansai Shanty Crew, Singing Around the Table and Ukulele Club @Gnome

5-6pm            Workshop - Sea shanties  - Kansai Shanty Crew
6-7pm            Break - Easter Egg Painting/chatting/warming up
7-8:15pm        First session - Singing Around the Table
                       Theme: Spring Flowers (with any instruments)
8:15-8:45pm   Break - Easter Egg Raffle (Y100)
8:45-10pm      Second session - Ukulele Club

Everyone is welcome to any or all parts of the evening. If you’d like to introduce a new song (in any language), please bring 10-15 copies to share. We have a few ukuleles to lend if you don't have one.
See you there!

p.s. Easter 2015 is actually Sunday April 5th

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