28 Nov. Singing Around the Table/Kyoto Ukulele Club/Kansai Shanty Crew

Our next session will be this Saturday, 28th November, at Gnome 6-10pm.

6:00pm Practice & hanging out
7:00pm-10:00pm Group session

Slight change of format:
Rather than trying to have separate times for Shanty Session, Singing Around the Table, Ukuleles etc. we thought we would try mixing up the genres/repertoires throughout the evening,  

First-timers who want to learn how to play ukulele, please try to come at 6:00pm. 
Anyone willing to help beginners (whilst eating and drinking) please also come at 6:00pm.
The mixed group music will start from 7:00pm.

All instruments welcome.
If you would like to introduce a song please bring 10-15 copies.

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