English Folk Dance, Tokyo イギリスフォークダンス東京

A Japanese member of EFDSS made contact via HQ at Cecil Sharp House in London. This is what he wrote...
"I am living in suburb of Tokyo. There are several English Dance groups in and around Tokyo area. Our group usually meet on 4th Friday, once a month. Of course we explain in Japanese with several terms in English. Mainly we dance historical (Playford, 18-19C) and contemporary (Maggot Pie) dances. Traditional dances (as in CDM) and contra dances are rare.
This month we danced following dances:
1. Small Circle Dance
2. Felicity (by Colin Hume)
3. The Jovial Beggars (in Maggot Pie)
4. The Fair Maid of Wickham (in Kentish Hops)
5. The Fair Quaker of Deal
6. The Astonished Archaeologist (by Philippe Callens)
The last Sunday of January we have annual 'New Year Ball'."
SO...only four more EFDSS members in Japan to find.

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