Irish music in Kyoto 1980s

Who was playing? (Where were they from; where now) What did they play?
Jay Gregg (N. Carolina; Kyoto) banjo (now fiddle and guitar)
Kyoko Maeda (Osaka; Kyoto) whistle
Atsushi Akazawa ( ?; Kyoto) fiddle and bouzouki
Les Denniston (Glasgow; Kyoto) song, bodhran
John Matthews (Cheshire; Wales) pipes
Rory Campbell (Belfast; France) song, whistle, bodhran
Jake Costello (Minnesota; Kyoto) whistle, black-flute
Larry Rone (Texas; Texas) black-flute
Liza Woo ( ? ; ?) piano
Takashi Tomoya (Hokkaido; Kyoto) guitar, fiddle
Felicity Greenland (Merseyside; Kyoto) song, whistle, bodhran

(.......the music isn't all Irish.......what can it be called?....... )

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