Atsushi Akazawa 赤澤淳

With characteristic modesty, Mr Akazawa aka 'Sush' (pictured R with Ken Matsusaka L) does not seem to have his own website, despite over two decades of playing Irish music. But a quick google on his name will reveal that he is a very busy musician of some standing in Kyoto and indeed in Japan as a whole four + several thousand islands. Besides playing Irish fiddle (apparently constantly if my occasional cycling past his old wooden house is anything to go by) he also plays bouzouki, Chinese fiddle and various other instruments. I met him 20 years ago - I remember it since his baby son (now a man) sailed in my first-ever bodhran, which he rowed as a charming coracle across the tatami mat sitting room, to everyone's great delight, except mine as I had paid a goodly sum for it to one Mr Eamon Maguire, craftsman, of Belfast (it was joyfully unscathed). I believe that he started playing Irish music after meeting Jay Gregg at a Blue Grass festival in Osaka around 1980. He also plays 'old' Japanese music which I believe is of the 1930s and which I think I might love and am hoping for. Though he is a man of few words, I plan to interview him if he will allow. To be continued. Click here for photos

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