This blog is a notebook on...

- traditional English/Irish/Scottish music/dance/song in Japan
- Japanese translations of English/Irish/Scottish trad music info
- Japanese-English musical crossovers
- popular Japanese songs, singers and musical traditions
- Kyoto Singing Around the Table and New Ukulele Club
- Kansai Shanty Crew

+ more!
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ted said...


Wow, Felicity, this blog is great. I didn't know you were doing this. Very informative...

I too played various music, including trad, when I lived in Tottori. I played at Gael a few years back and am gearing up to finally start playing gigs again, hopefully from after Golden Week.

Looking forward to new posts!


Sean O'Connor said...

Hi! Sean O'Connor is my name. I am a full-time Irish musician from Dublin and have recently moved to Japan. Your blog is wonderful and so helpful. I am seeking musicians who play Irish trad to join myself and a japanese Irish flute player. Have you any advice as to how I can find such musicians? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and keep up the good work.

FJG said...

Hi Sean. Welcome to Japan! If you let me know where you are based I'll be glad to try to help you find people. Could you mail me direct via my Facebook page? http://www.fbook.me/felicity
All best wishes for life here