Emergency Folk Song Survey Japan

This is rather old news but nevertheless significant. Cribbed from:
Asian Folklore Studies Date: 10/1/1994 Author: Groemer, Gerald: Fifteen years of folk song collection in Japan: reports and recordings of the "Emergency Folk Song Survey."
The Japanese Emergency Folk Song Survey, started in 1979, has taped 50,000 songs. Some 300 reports on various aspects of the collection have been issued, each divided into an introductory, song text and appendices sections. The Emergency Survey could be improved by a more holistic approach to its contents, but the nature of the collection mandates its piecemeal aspects. Better access to the collection and a more uniform copyright policy are also needed. Over the last fifteen years a major ...Read all of this article (with a free trial to HighBeam) at http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G1-16011903.html

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