Dale Russ, Japan, Nov-Dec 2008

This from Shiori-chan at the Gael:
We are pleased to announce that the Seattle's Best fiddler, Dale Russ, is coming back to the pub. He is a fantastic fiddle player, played as a member of Suffering Gaels, Setanta, etc. His performance is well known in the U.S and across Japan. Splendid melodies he creates is completed temperament and also elegant and modesty, softly comes to your heart.
Dale's dates:
Nov 30 Brick-One, 5-15-7 Sendagi bunkyo, Tokyo. Solo concert and short lecture 2pm start, 3500 yen.
Dec 4, 5, and 12 The Gael, Shijo Kawabata agaru, Kyoto, 8:30 -11pm.
Dec 7 Gnome, Nijo Kawaramcahi sagaru, Kyoto 7:30 start.
Dec 13 Blue Monk, Hommachi.

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