Song related Japanese vocabulary

Source: Websters Online Dictionary et al

by kanji
(uta) : song
歌謡 (kayou) : song
演歌 (enka) : enka
歌詞 (kashi) : lyrics
歌手 (kashu) : singer (lit. song hand)
(kyoku) : tune/number
民謡 (minnyou) : old/trad folk song
by sound (incl. homophones)
ぞくよう (zokuyou) : ditty, folk song, popular song, wordly matters
ぞっきょく (zokkyoku): folk song
ぞっか (zokka) : ditty, folk song, popular song, popularization, secularization, vulgarization
かよう (kayou) : available, caring for the sick, comely face, floral leaf, in such a manner, like this, lotus leaf, lower leaves, solubilizing, soluble, song, taking care of oneself, to attend, to commute, to go back and forth, to ply between, Tuesday
りよう (riyou) : application, barbering, folk song, haircutting, hairdressing, popular song, use, utilization

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