Kawa no Nagare no You ni 川の流れのように

This remarkable song was composed by Akira Mitake, with lyrics by Yasushi Akimoto. Originally sung by Misora Hibari, it was released on Japan's Columbia Music label on January 11 1989. She died in June of the same year. Eight years after its release, it was voted number one in an NHK poll of the best Japanese songs of all time.
Misora Hibari 美空ひばりoriginal singer
A few interesting covers
Los Panchos (Mexico)
12 Girls Band (Shanghai) 女子十二楽坊
Mariachi Vargas
Placido Domingo
Angklung (West Javan instrument)
Gentra Seba (on Angklung, W. Java?)
KMS and MMS middle school orchestras (Japan)
Fuga Akira (electric jazz guitar, Japan)

Partial English translation (adapted from Taiwanensis on Youtube)
Unknowingly, I have walked here
This long and narrow road.
Looking back, far away
I can see my hometown
On the uneven and winding road
There is no map to follow.
And so life goes on.

Like a river flowing leisurely,
Time passes through the ages
Like a river flowing endlessly,
The sky is reddened by the setting sun....

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible that you can finish translating the whole song?

FJG said...

OK let me get my dictionary out...
btw - why?
btw mine is based on a trans by Taiwanensis on Youtube

FJG said...

...which says
Like the Stream of the River

Without knowing it I have been walking
along a long and narrow path.
Looking over my shoulder toward my home village far away,
and the road, rough and winding,
I find myself to have been leading a life
without even a map for guidance.
Ah, like the stream of the river,
gently, time, little by little, goes by;
Ah, like the stream of the river,
the sky is now dyed rosy-pink by the dusk.

To live is to make a journey,
always on the move,
with a lovable companion close by,
searching for the dream world.
Even though I'm now forced to walk
down a muddy road in the rain
I believe I'll be blessed with glorious weather
again one of these days.
Ah, like the stream of the river,
peacefully, I'd like to resign myself to Heaven;
Ah, like the stream of the river,
the time of the year is also moving,
now on the tiptoe of expectation,
toward the snow-thawing season.

Ah, like the stream of the river,
peacefully, I'd like to resign myself to Heaven;
Ah, like the stream of the river,
as long as I live,
I'd like to feel the murmuring of the blue stream.

Nicolas said...

Enjoy the vidéos of "Kawa no Nagare no You ni "