Smoke on the Water

Here is the Kabuki-za Orchestra with part of the Suntory Hall Orchestra, playing Ooedo No Hikeshi (大江戸の火消し) (The Great Fire of Edo) based on Smoke on The Water.
The piece commemorates the 250th anniversary of the 1657 Great Fire of Tokyo (then called Edo), which was reputedly started by the cremation of a furisode (maiden's long-sleeved kimono) in honour of the souls of three young girls. (There a various English translations of the Japanese lyrics in the comments.)

Kabuki-za Orchestra: We Will Rock You 2007
Super Metal Missionaries Japan: Smoke on the Water, 2008?
Senor Coconut: Smoke on the Water, Tokyo Oct 2006
Senor Coconut: Yellow Fever Japan interview 2006
Deep Purple: Smoke on the Water, Live at Budokan, Tokyo 1975
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Thanks to Eric Bray for the Kabuki-za heads up.

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